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We offer the complete millwork package--as specified--with full technical support from shop drawings, field measurements, and delivery to the jobsite.


Some of our capabilities and services include:


-Manufacture of many architectural elements, from molding and doors to balustrade systems and curved paneling. See our Products page for a sample of what we can do.

-A catalog of over 3,000 molding profiles! Download Catalog

-Products/profiles made from wood of almost any species

-Weather-resistant cellular rigid PVC

-Architectural elements designed for easy installation in the field

-Delivery to YOUR jobsite on YOUR schedule

-Large-scale crown and other molding (20+ inches)

-Our plant equipment includes precision CNC routing capabilities, multi-head molding, frame clamps, multi drills, industrial band saws, shapers and table saws for large architectural elements.

-Technical and architectural expertise to match existing construction or specified design elements.


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